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La banda Queens Of The Stone Age, al estudio antes de finalizar 2016

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La banda Queens Of The Stone Age regresarán al estudio antes de finalizar 2016, esta noticia lo confirmó el guitarrista de 46 años Troy Van Leeuwen durante una entrevista para 2 Hours With Matt Pinfield:

Troy Van Leeuwen - Queens Of The Stone Age

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“We’ve already started talking about what we’re gonna do next for the next Queens record. There’s tons of ideas that are bouncing around.

We’re going to do something before the end of the year, as far as recording goes. We’re excited to get back together to follow-up …Like Clockwork, which was a really, really big record for us, personally. It was a big record for us ’cause it was the hardest record to make. And we’re trying to not do that again. We just want to keep things simpler and try that, I guess”

Este nuevo álbum si es que llegan a lanzarlo será el sucesor de “…Like Clockwork” estrenado en 2013.

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