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They use a drone to carry host at Mass in Brazil and causes much outrage

In Brazil, Sao Paulo, when the mass was celebrated on April 1 in a Catholic church, where the parishioners witnessed a very curious event, as can be seen in the video that one of those present could capture that day.


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The publication of the video has generated outrage in many Catholics. For example, Father Augusto Bezerra wrote in his Facebook account that “they are playing with God”: “How much lack of respect, sacrilege, blasphemy, insult and offense to what is holy!” Lamented the priest, who added that, if you want to play, “go to an amusement park”



Profanação!!!!Santíssimo Sacramento entra na Igreja pendurado em um droner!!! 😭😭😭😭PARÓQUIA SÃO GERALDO MAGELA / ARQUIDIOCESE DE SOROCABA – SP.

Posted by Luciano da Imaculada on Sunday, April 1, 2018