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If there is a connection between the cancer and using the mobile phone for a long time

There is much curiosity about this issue, the review of 1,034 articles that relate the use of mobile phones to the risk of cancer, has confirmed that there is an association between the radiofrequency emitted by these devices and tumors.


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In addition, those in charge of the review indicate that there is an increased risk of developing cancer if the 1,640 hours of mobile phone use are exceeded per year (approximately 4 hours a day).

The brain is the most affected organ, since it is the part of the body that is closest to the device when it is used. But the brain would not be the only organ at risk of developing a tumor because of the mobile. For example, low-power radiofrequency waves would also be responsible for tumors in the salivary glands if they exceed the 1,348 hours of calls per year.