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AN approves to continue judicial process to Maduro by Odebrecht case

With the presence of 107 deputies (after the incorporation of two deputies of the Great Patriotic Pole), the President of the National Assembly, Omar Barboza, announced that sufficient merits exist and authorizes the continuation of the judicial process to President Nicolás Maduro.


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Opponents agreed by majority to declare that “there are sufficient merits to continue the judicial process that, due to acts of corruption, is followed by Nicolás Maduro Moros”.

After two hours of the session and the request of two opposition deputies to verify the attendance in a nominal manner, the secretary of the AN Negal Morales, carried out the verification and voting of the deputies assistants by state, which resulted in 105 votes to favor and two against.


They were granted more than seven rights of speech after the incorporation of two deputies of the ruling party: Juan Marín and Ilenia Medina.