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Do you think the so-called Japanese peanuts were made in Japan?

We bring you the news that you were not expecting and that it would change the way you see things, the Japanese peanuts were not invented in Japan, I repeat, they DID NOT INVENTED IN JAPAN!


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They were created although you do not believe it in Mexico, by its inventor Yoshigei Nakatani, in the neighborhood of La Merced, in the 50s. Everyone since childhood believed that they had been created in Japan by name but we already know the truth was not like that . But then what are these peanuts called in Japan and other things that you will not believe are called “Mexicans”.

As the product became very popular in the market, people began to identify it as “the Japanese” and announced their arrival with bags of succulent peanuts covered in wheat flour and a touch of soy sauce. Hence the birth of the famous Nipon peanuts.


Eventually he made his product reach Japan, where, coming from Aztec lands, the correct thing is that they were called “Mexican” peanuts.

This is the famous package of peanuts, and it is very funny because it is distinguished by the caricature of a mariachi …