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Educated words: Circumspect, Nefelibato and Taciturn

Palabras cultas

Some words that sometimes seem weird but are in our dictionary, that is the case of circumspect, nefelibato and taciturn, 3 words that perhaps you had no idea that they existed but that are part of our language and are included in the dictionary.


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Let’s see what each one of these circumspect words means, nefelibato and taciturn

Circumspect Word

Someone who is serious, cautious or reserved, those people who think twice before speaking, who try to be as cautious as possible when it comes to issuing a comment, people who do not seem to interact but are really analyzing everything, when someone has the ability to analyze everything that happens without the need to talk a lot, the way a psychopath develops and analyzes.


Niña prudente

Word Nefelibato

Someone who walks “in the clouds”, those people that when you see them are always thoughtful, or never walk with the thoughts on the earth, that when they ask something they always say “ah, what did you say?”, Of this type of people are those who abound and can find anywhere, always in any group there is someone like that.

Something like Phoebe from the Friends series

Persona en las nubes


Taciturn Word

This word really means melancholy, a feeling that we have had many times even once in our lives and that has left us with a bad taste in our mouths. That moment in which a relative leaves us, we end up with the girlfriend (or) or we just do not dawn with the best mood, at that moment you are taciturn.


You pass it as nefelibato, to see if you land

The previous night I was taciturn while I listened to a song

In the conversation I remained circumspect, while I listened carefully.

I notice you Circumspect, Nefelibato and Taciturn.

You can look for too many examples of these three words, but the truth is that it is not very difficult to remember their meanings, because each one of us has lived at some point without knowing how to express it in another way.

You already know Circunspecto, Nefelibato and Taciturn now you can read more of other cultured words in our section of rare or cultured words by clicking here or see also the meaning of defenestrate, halitosis, aerophagia, procrastination, dystopia, solercia and megalomania

You can learn a lot more of your language by looking for new words to learn, this will help you to have a better lexicon.