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Maden child victim of bullying for his condition

We live in a world where especially in the youngest it is very easy to criticize and exclude another person just because they do not like their physical appearance because they feel superior and do not measure the consequences they can leave on another human being.


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This is the case of Maden, a very beautiful child who has been the victim of a lot of rejection from his classmates due to the condition of his cleft lip and heterochromia iridum. The second condition that suffers is that which causes each eye to have a different color, a condition that only affects one percent of the population. This has made Madum feel rejected by his condition and is subject to ridicule.


My destiny united him with a cat that I call Moon that has the same condition and is the best pet he could get by returning the smile. Cristina Humphreys, mother of Maden, made public the story of how they found the new member of the family who smiled back at her son, they are for each other. It really seemed that destiny had united them to teach Madden that there is nothing wrong with being unique. They are a great combination.

A friend posted the image of the cat in our mothers’ messenger group. This kitten was rescued by a volunteer in Minnesota. We immediately knew that this kitten should be part of our family.

To adopt the little feline, they had the collaboration of their friends to finance the road trip from Oklahoma to Minnesota.

Normally we are not impulsive people, but we knew that we should adopt this kitten.

Madden had narrated in a video the bad experience he experienced when he was bullied on the school bus after being mocked and criticized for his particular condition. Many of his classmates told him horrible things.

This child, besides having surpassed six surgical interventions, was bullied at school.

Undoubtedly, the arrival of Moon at home has helped him to develop his own confidence and to accept himself as he is. His mother said that Madden is very happy to have found a cat like him.

This special bond that exists between them shows the world that, although you feel different there will always be someone in the same boat as you, paddling in the same direction.

Moon has helped Madden to gain self-esteem and has taught him to love himself with all of his genius.

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