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We bring you some of the secrets that we are sure you do not know about the CIA

The Central Intelligence Agency, whose original name in English is the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), is one of the largest intelligence agencies of the United States Government. The CIA has its headquarters in Langley (Virginia), a few kilometers from the US capital, Washington D.C. Its employees, in general, operate in US embassies around the world. It is the only US intelligence agency that enjoys independence, since it only has to report to the National Director of Intelligence, because of the power it enjoys. agency, has come to be considered as a State within the State.


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The CIA has three main activities and for which it has traditionally distinguished itself. These are: gather information about foreign governments, corporations and individuals; analyze that information together with the other data collected by its sister agencies; and provide an assessment on intelligence for national security, so that the United States correctly approaches its policies.

Some of the secrets we do not know about the CIA:



  1. The official CIA motto is “The truth will set you free” from the Gospel of John. Many say they chose this motto because they know the “truth” behind many things.

  3. The CIA has used music as torture to interrogate and extract information. It is said that they have used Eminem or Red Hot Chili Peppers discs for this.

  5. The CIA has permission from the US to infiltrate any country to gather information, but not to intervene in any event or that is what they say.

  7. The CIA is allowed to keep all its affiliations secret with other companies and organizations. All your documents are considered state secrets since 1948.

  9. In 1962, the CIA agents became aware of the presence of the Soviet Union in Cuba due to the appearance of soccer fields in this country. Cubans have always preferred baseball, while Russians have preferred soccer.

  11. The offices of the CIA have a Starbucks where it is forbidden to put the name of the agents in the cafe.

  13. The CIA has the rights to “The Farm Rebellion” and “1984” by George Orwell. They even filmed the first adaptations to the cinema of these books.

  15. In the 1960s, the CIA kept the Nanda-Devi mountain in India closed for 10 years because they lost a transmitter to intercept telephone or radio calls during an avalanche. They did not want their equipment to fall into the hands of the enemy.

  17. In 1945, Averell Harriman, the US ambassador in Moscow, was presented with a wooden shield made by the children of the Artek camp. About 10 years later, the CIA discovered that the shield had a device to listen to the ambassador’s secret conversations in his office and put them by the Russians.

  19. In 1949, the CIA published a report in which the Soviet Union had obtained its first nuclear bomb in mid-1953. The curious thing is that the first test of a registered nuclear bomb was 22 days before the date indicated in the report. What are they hiding from us?

  21. The CIA created several fake companies to buy incognito titanium from the Soviet Union for the production of the spy plane SR-71.

  23. The first intelligence agency created by the US was the Office of Naval Intelligence founded in 1880, while the CIA was founded in 1947.

  25. The CIA has some programs in charge of monitoring and classifying all the information that is provided on social networks like Facebook. Many accuse Mark Zuckerberg of actually being a CIA agent.

  27. According to the WikiLeaks archives, at some point the CIA used Samsung televisions to record conversations. It is said that through a program called “Crying Angel” simulated to be off, but actually recorded conversations and sent them to your server.