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Chronic neuropathic headache pain

This pain is caused by a peripheral nerve injury that causes some neurons to become abnormally sensitive to any stimulus that reaches through the skin. And in the case of peripheral pain, neurons that become hypersensitive are called TrkB. And, now, a team from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, in Rome, has designed a new therapy that relieves the symptoms of this variety of chronic pain.


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The specialists classify it in two types: central, when its origin is in the brain or in the spine, or peripheral.

Researchers have created a type of molecule that fuses with these neurons, but does not interact with the rest. This molecule has been manipulated to be sensitive to light. Therefore, it can be activated with a beam of infrared light, causing the activated nerve cells to fold back on themselves and bury themselves more deeply. In this way, they are less sensitive to the stimuli that reach the skin, and the sensation of pain they cause is reduced.