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Difference between Nepotism and Despotism, they are not alike, much less they are equal

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These two words, Nepotism and Despotism, seem to be a family of words or have very similar meanings.


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Nepotism: abuse of power or distribution of public positions in favor of family and friends.

Despotism: power and authority exercised abusively by a person of public power over others.


Although it seems that both are the same, as it turns out that they are totally and absolutely different, although there is always talk of an abuse of power, in the first case it is only the one that delivers charges to friends and family and the other is the one that abuses of his power to mistreat, humiliate, and displace a people.

One of the terms that appears in the national anthem is precisely despotism
National anthem of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela


Gloria al bravo pueblo

que el yugo lanzó

la Ley respetando

la virtud y honor(bis)


¡Abajo cadenas! (bis)

gritaba el señor (bis)

y el pobre en su choza

Libertad pidió:

a este santo nombre

tembló de pavor

el vil egoísmo

que otra vez triunfó.


Gritemos con brío (bis)

¡Muera la opresión! (bis)

Compatriotas fieles,

la fuerza es la unión;

y desde el Empíreo

el Supremo Autor,

un sublime aliento

al pueblo infundió.


Unida con lazos (bis)

que el cielo formó (bis)

la América toda

existe en nación;

y si el despotismo(bis)

levanta la voz,

seguid el ejemplo

que Caracas dio.