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Because it is so delicate to pluck the hairs from your nose and how you can disguise them

Nowadays being a woman is a symbol of having no hair in any part of our body and is a lie just as men have them but in less quantity, in areas such as legs, armpits, mustache, chin or nose.


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They are unpleasant and for this reason we try to pluck them, but it is very difficult not to leave a little hair loose there. That hair is often very important to keep us healthy. For this we bring you this post so you know why it is important not to pluck the beautiful of the nose.

The hairs that come out in the nose do it for a great reason they protect us from catching large dust particles that could otherwise be inhaled. In addition, they protect us against harmful germs from the environment.


Reasons why you should not pluck them:

1- We could suffer nasal infections

If you pull the hairs off your nose with tweezers or with wax, you facilitate the entry of germs through the hair follicles. These germs can cause very serious infections inside the nose.

2- You can make the hair become incarnate

When you pull the hair it may become incarnate, which will cause inflammation and pain in the area. If it is already uncomfortable to have ingrown hairs in the armpits, legs or groin, imagine in the nose.

3- May affect the death triangle

This area goes from the bridge of the nose to the outer corners of the lips, and it is known as the triangle of death because of how dangerous an infection can be in that area.

If you have an infection in the triangle of death, it can easily spread to the brain, which can become deadly.

4- You could get a deadly brain infection

The veins that carry blood from the nose cross with the veins that carry blood from the brain. Which means that the germs of the nasal infection could easily penetrate the brain causing brain problems or bacterial meningitis.

The best option to hide those annoying little hairs is to cut them. This way they will not see each other and you will not risk an infection.