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Trick behind the image of the nails that change color

Nuevemante comes to light a new image to alter the psyche of WhatsApp users, in the past came the image of the dress if it was gold or violet, if it is blue or pink, capturing the attention of hundreds and becoming viral in just a few hours.


También puedes leer: Trick behind the image of the nails that change color

Now the challenge is in an image that is transmitting through WhatsApp that has the ability to change color as you see it, and you wonder how the hell he does it, as without editing the image it can change color ?. And everything is dertrás of a technological technique behind the image.



The technique is very simple and even basic for any designer or connoisseur of image editing tools, and it is the use of Alpha or Opacity, which means that the image has the capacity to absorb the color of the background and thus allow the change of color

That is why the image of the nails when seen on a white background, the nails will be a light pink color, but if it opens with a black background, the color will be extremely dark.

So you already know the trick behind this image and because of its sudden color change.