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The Poltergeist Enfield (True Story of the Sorcery 2)

Paranormal phenomena began to manifest in August 1977, in Enfield, England, but the origin of these appearances began in 1976, when 2 girls opened the portal that allowed inhuman entities to enter their home, as you can imagine these girls were playing at the Ouija.


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They had no sinister objectives when using it, they just did not have anything to do, they saw the Ouija as a simple board game. Unfortunately for them, England is a place with a lot of paranormal activity, as a result the girls made contact with a demonic spirit. After a week that demon practically took over the house, but that’s not the worst, but this demon did not come alone … 6 more spirits broke into the house.

Strikes, scratches, footsteps and more were the first types of manifestations, as soon as the entities gained strength, the objects began to move, family members levitated (especially the girls), and various dark figures manifested and floated around the home at night.


The mother of the girls said that her daughter was levitating up and down like a “yoyo” and no one could help her. The girls frequently had episodes of possession in which it seemed to be the spirit of an old woman, during the possessions they had superhuman strength. It was very dangerous since in that state most of the time they tried to kill the mother with their own hands.

The spirits were very noisy, the voices of those 6 different entities were always heard in very high tones, it was as if there were more invisible people in the room. It did not matter if the family were eating in the kitchen or talking in the living room, the voices always talked in the room, they talked more than the people in the house.

As for communication with the spirits that was not a problem, they were always willing to talk. One of the many investigators in this case was Edward Warren (may he rest in peace), who had some conversations between some of the spirits and the. Here I provide one of them.
Ed: Hello?
Voice: hello
Ed: do you know who I am?
V: yes
Ed: Who am I?
V: Ed.
Ed: You’re right, who are you?
V: Fred-die
Ed: You’re Freddie, huh? What is your real name?
V: Yecccccch … (noise)
Ed: when are you going to leave here, Fred?
V: 500 years.
Ed: It’s a long time, can you move something to show us you’re here?
V: No
Ed: Why not?
V: Tommy pulled out my gun.
Ed: Oh, are you two? Pass me Tommy.
V: (A new voice, though it still snores) Yes, I’m Tommy.
Ed: Tommy, how do you think we can get rid of all the problems that happen in this house?
V: Kill the ghosts!
Ed: Kill the ghosts? That you are not a ghost?
V: No
Ed: Tell me, how did you get into this house?
V: I came under the floorboards.
Ed: How many of you are there together?
V: (counting slowly and deliberately) Ah … uh … one … two … three … four … five … six. Six we are here – no, five.
Ed: What are their names?
V: Fred-die, Tom-mie, Billy, uh … Charlie, and Dick. John is not here.
Ed: Where is Jhon?
V: I do not know.
Ed: Who is the leader? It’s you?
V: Nobody, Nobody is the leader. I’m a liar.
Ed: Who else is here? Is there anyone else?
V: yes.
Ed: Who?
V: The man in the sewer.
Ed: Put the man in the sewer here. Let me talk with him. Are you the man in the sewer?
V: Yes (a different husky voice, but a little clearer)
Ed: Man in the sewer, what do you have to say?
V: (howling) This house is haunted, kill the ghosts!
Ed: Man in the sewer, were you ever alive?
V: yes.
Ed: Where?
V: With the soldiers. I am a soldier.
Ed: In what army were you a soldier?
V: In all. I’m a soldier.
Ed: Who else is there?
V: ah … uh … Zachary is here.
Ed: Put it on me. Let Zachary talk.
V: (Suddenly there is an incredible moan and moan, the voice is absolutely bizarre, the laments end in a prolonged cry of “help” that takes 10 seconds to disappear).
Ed: Holy heavens: What was that? Put me Zachary again.
V: (complains)
Ed: Who else is there, Fred?
V: I’m not Fred, I’m tommy.
Ed: It will not come, (pause) I’ll tell you someone else who is here.
Teedy is here. The man Teddy is here.
Ed: Put Teedy man here, Fred.
V: Yeccccch … (Noise then silence, breaking every 5 seconds for a voice like a parrot saying “Hello.” A second voice appears saying “Hello” to which the voice of parrot answered 2 times “Hello.” A third voice joined the “hi”, and then a fourth voice, then the fifth and sixth voice joined the chorus of the hello with voice similar to that of the cotorro.At the end all the voices disappeared, except one, the original voice of cherokee repeated his unique “hello”)

Ed tried to communicate again after the event, but there was no immediate response.

During the previous conversation with the spirits, Edward described that things were flying around the room, that is why the noise of all the