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Chinese markets sell wild animals like cats and dogs again

After China has overcome or appears to have overcome the pandemic that caused the world’s largest humanitarian crisis, a crisis that for many arose from the demanding Chinese palates for eating wild animals without any hygiene or care.


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It all started in a market in China, where sick, dying, smelly animals with secretions and fluids fired from each other, that’s how this nightmare for the world called “coronavirus” or better known as Chinese virus began.

Overcoming COVID-19 as it is known in the medical field, has resulted in a pandemic that so far has infected more than one million two hundred thousand people and has killed more than 60 thousand people, world markets have fallen even underground, thousands of people have had to be quarantined, paralyzing the world in a way never seen before.


Many explanations, even more theories, but the most accepted so far is the spread of the virus by wild animals, in China, the explanation is that the virus passed from one animal to another until it reached a mutation that allowed it to reach the human.

Given that this happened, China banned the consumption of wild animals, which should be noted is not the first time that a virus of this type attacks the world from China, since the SARS virus also emerged in the same way. This is why China was forced to close these types of wet markets as they are known for selling live animals.

Today China, after having injured the world to death, continues to allow the consumption of this type of animal, which keeps everyone in the world on edge, given that the crisis due to Coronavirus has not yet been overcome and some other virus may already appear. deadly in those circumstances.