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Diapause the hibernation process of insects and ants

How all insects ants have a process in which, having extreme temperatures, most of all cold, they usually enter a process where they slow down all their activity, so much so that even the queen of the ants decreases their egg laying and activity of the nest.


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The queen is the one who practically controls the behavior of the nest, everything revolves around her and maintaining the colony, as a single organism. But as all of you are on earth, the temperature change in winter makes some people hibernate, that is, they take time to rest since cold months are months when food is not abundant and that is why it is necessary to reduce their consumption to the maximum to withstand the 3 months of cold.

Insects are the same, although their process is not called hibernation, for insects this process is called diapause, and is nothing more than a slowdown in their activities, their activity in the nest, their food gathering and even breeding. Of the eggs and larvae, everything is slowed or decreased, that is why even the eggs and larvae take longer during the cold months to hatch than in the hot months.


An ant has a birth period of about 2 months approximately, a little more, a little less, if they are well fed, but when the cold arrives this time can increase since the workers in charge of feeding the larvae will not be as active as before and therefore development is delayed. So already to keep their metabolism low they stay calm mainly during the day and get a little more active at night to try to find food.