Chronic neuropathic headache pain | They use a drone to carry host at Mass in Brazil and causes much outrage | Adults also generate new neurons discovered in new studies | Dominican Republic activates deportation plan for Venezuelans | How to make a home seal with recycling materials | Educated words: Circumspect, Nefelibato and Taciturn | Your brain can alert you to a danger | What is heterochromia iridum? | Carrot soap we show you how to do it | Maden child victim of bullying for his condition |

If you are someone who uses the browser and at some point you need to use a page but it has limitations in JavaScript to do so, we will present a simple and quick way to do so. Javascript is one of the ways in which systems development is done in order to have blocked […]

If you are one of those who like to give a second chance to things and collaborate with the earth, this article is for you. In this article we will show you how you can make a homemade seal with recycling materials. For this you only need a small sponge, a box of little pieces […]

Nuevemante comes to light a new image to alter the psyche of WhatsApp users, in the past came the image of the dress if it was gold or violet, if it is blue or pink, capturing the attention of hundreds and becoming viral in just a few hours. Now the challenge is in an image […]

In the lotteries and bets in Argentina, each number from 01 to 99 has its own name that in Argentinean slang has permeated among those who know the subject. For this we wanted to bring to you the list of the numbers with their respective names: 00 Eggs 01 Water 02 Child 03 San Cono […]

Nowadays being a woman is a symbol of having no hair in any part of our body and is a lie just as men have them but in less quantity, in areas such as legs, armpits, mustache, chin or nose. They are unpleasant and for this reason we try to pluck them, but it is […]

We can see in the images how a test is performed where a Boeing KC-46 Pegasus supplies fuel to another KC-46 in full flight. The tanker surpassed the certification process that will allow it to enter the United States Air Force. The other 65 tons of fuel were transferred to the test which only lasted […]

These two words, Nepotism and Despotism, seem to be a family of words or have very similar meanings. Nepotism: abuse of power or distribution of public positions in favor of family and friends. Despotism: power and authority exercised abusively by a person of public power over others. Although it seems that both are the same, […]

The Dominican press reported this week that the General Directorate of Immigration carries out massive raids for the detention of Venezuelan illegals in rural areas, neighborhoods and the urban area of ​​Santiago de los Caballeros, becoming province number 26 intervened by the agency, with a view to to detect and stop the immigration of undocumented […]

Our brain has many reactions to what happens around us for this reason a group of French researchers have discovered how the brain alerts us to the danger: a population of neurons located in the middle prefrontal cortex recognizes alarming information from the environment and sends signals to the trunk brain, which triggers the liberating […]

Studies have been done since years ago to show that the adult brain does not develop new neurons. But now a new study, published in Cell Stem Cell, where the lead author Maura Boldrini, says the findings suggest that the brain of many people in the elderly remains intact cognitively and emotionally much more than […]