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This pain is caused by a peripheral nerve injury that causes some neurons to become abnormally sensitive to any stimulus that reaches through the skin. And in the case of peripheral pain, neurons that become hypersensitive are called TrkB. And, now, a team from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, in Rome, has designed a new […]

Depois de uma intervenção desse personagem que pouco se sabe, mas que se torna viral nas redes sociais, não é de surpreender que a Venezuela esteja atolada no caos que é. Em seu discurso, este Chavista diz que “A corrupção do amor, que a corrupção é boa, e que você não deve perder seu tempo […]

The Central Intelligence Agency, whose original name in English is the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), is one of the largest intelligence agencies of the United States Government. The CIA has its headquarters in Langley (Virginia), a few kilometers from the US capital, Washington D.C. Its employees, in general, operate in US embassies around the world. […]

It is no secret to anybody that Venezuelans are still fleeing from the crisis facing Venezuela, a crisis that is becoming increasingly acute and worsening. With this, thousands and thousands of Venezuelans every day cross the border to seek a better future and thus help their families who still remain in what for many means […]

Although heterochromia iridum is a quite visible difretencia in the colors of the eyes, this condition also has to do with the eyes, but in this case refers to those people who have a visible asymmetry in the pupils. This condition as well as heterochromia are few people who suffer from it, only one person […]

If you are a lover of the songs of the Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona, and you are one of the fans in love that has all the information about him, it is certain that this information will not be missing from your store. But the singer Ricardo Arjona belonged to the professional basketball team long […]

A couple of agents from the Drug Control Administration (DEA) arrived on Friday at the prosecution’s bunker, confident that Marlon Marín Marín and Fabio Simón Younes would agree to talk to them about the shipment of 10 tons of coca that they were going to send to the Mexican mafia. The previous day they had […]

Surely you have seen more than one person with this condition, although this only happens to 1% of the world population, but with the media, and with television it has become quite common to see people with iridium heterochromia that is no longer than those who have the condition of having two eyes of different […]

The band invites to join All Within My Hands on May 23. It is always comforting to give a few hours of your time to help those most in need. And if, in addition, you do it under the framework of one of the most important bands in history, the sensation must be doubly satisfactory. […]

Our brain has many reactions to what happens around us for this reason a group of French researchers have discovered how the brain alerts us to the danger: a population of neurons located in the middle prefrontal cortex recognizes alarming information from the environment and sends signals to the trunk brain, which triggers the liberating […]