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Chavista says: corruption is good, he loves corruption, you will fall into a coma when you hear him speak

After an intervention of this character that little is known, but that goes viral in social networks, it is not surprising because Venezuela is mired in the chaos that is.


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In his speech, this Chavista says that “Love corruption, that corruption is good, and that you should not waste your time talking about corruption but rather take advantage of that time to impart revolution.”

In another famous prose of this man can be heard say that “to talk about the one who has the carriage, who steals the money, who steals, total corrode is not a problem and as such has no solution.”


Gracais to people like this in important positions, we can see how all the companies in the state are immersed in misery, PDVSA faces a possible technical strike because they do not give enough, a massive amount of resignations that come every day, and a stampede never seen in the history of the country. All these variables have been configured in order to destroy what for many was a prosperous nation, with problems, but that reigned peace and prosperity wherever it was seen.

In contrast to today, you only see misery, people eating from garbage and death. So, thinking of everything better, we must understand that for them corruption will never be an option, it will always be their main way.